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Festival Layout

The 2017 Festival Layout will cover Block 7, Park Ave from Second St to Fourth St and Third Street from Tuscarawas Ave to Paige Ave.

Block 7 is the parking lot across from McDonalds surrounded by Park Ave, Second St, Tuscarawas Ave and Third St.  Most of the teen rides including the Bumper Cars along with food vendors will take up the majority of the block.  The last  row of parking, with access from Tuscarawas Ave, will be open and available to the public.

Park Ave will be home to food & game vendors, along with exhibit vendors & Jaycees inflatable bounce house.Third St will hold the Merry-Go-Round, Super Slide, kiddie rides, carnival games & food vendors including the Jaycees French Fry trailer.

Kids Corner is located at the corner of Park Ave & Third St near the big banner on Lake Anna Park grounds.

The Visitor's Center is the round brick building, formerly known as the bath house, at the corner of Park Ave & Third St on Lake Anna Park grounds.  It is manned by a member of the Jaycees during Festival hours to assist with questions, lost & found items, missing kids or parents and minor first aid.


Please Read Our Important Message About the 2020 Festival!

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