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Frequently Asked Questions

The Festival Is On Hiatus for 2020.

The Barberton Area Jaycees is a volunteer group of young people that organize the Cherry Blossom Festival as a fundraiser for community projects.

Please read through the FAQ Sheet before contacting an event chairman with questions.  Many of your questions can be answered here, in addition to reviewing the Events Page and Event Applications.

We would like to be able to assist everyone immediately, but realistically we're all unpaid volunteers with full time jobs & families and sometimes it takes a couple days to get a response. Be patient & check out the entire website.

#1 Question - When is the Cherry Blossom Festival? 

Typically, the Festival would be held the weekend before the Memorial Day weekend.

The festival is on hiatus for 2020. Please see a message from the Barberton Area Jaycees on the home page.


#2 Question - Can I sell food at Cherry Blossom?

Food vendors are contracted by the Kissel Bros Ride Co.  For more details, visit them online at: 

Please Read Our Important Message About the 2020 Festival!

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