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To participate in the Winter Wonderland Photogenic category bring one 8x10 or smaller, current photo to be judged on your photo alone. It can be a color or black & white, snap-shot or professional photo. Additional fee is required if you wish to compete on stage. This amount includes a $1 credit card convenience fee. Mailed application is still required. Note on application that fee was paid online. This fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.

Pageant - Photogenic Competition

  • You may bring your photo on pageant day or mail it with your completed application in advance. All photos are added to a binder and are judged by photo alone. For the AM Pageant: All girls 0-4 compete with each other. All boys 0-4 compete together. For the PM Pageant: All boys 5-9 compete with each other. All girls ages 5-12 compete with each other. All girls 13-22 compete with each other.
    The top 3 photos in each group will receive prizes.


Please Read Our Important Message About the 2020 Festival!

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