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Penny Search

Win a New Bike or Scooter!

Children ages 2-7 are invited to join in the Penny Search on Saturday, May 20 @ 1PM. Children must to capable of picking up pennies by themselves. Parents are not permitted to assist.

Kids participating in this free event are divided into 4 groups:

Girls ages 2-4

Boys ages 2-4

Girls ages 5-7

Boys ages 5-7


About 2,000 pennies are scattered in the grass, each group collects the pennies in search of the 'magic' penny. The little boy & girl that find the special pennies will receive new bikes. The older winning boy & girl will receive new scooters.


Children have the opportunity to spend their pennies at the Jaycees Penny Store. Items such as glow sticks, stickers, bracelets & tattoos will be for sale.


Please Read Our Important Message About the 2020 Festival!

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