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Inflatable Bounce House

Fundraiser for our Charity Programs
5 minute jump for $2. Don't forget $1 off with Military ID!

The Inflatable Bounce House is a favorite among young children.  The bounce house is borrowed from Kissel Bros Ride Co and is manned by members of the Jaycees.  All money raised is used to fund Jaycee community projects.


2016 - Raised $712 for Back-to-School Program (no Sat)

2015 - Raised $736 for Relay for Life

2014 - Raised $733 for Project Santa

2013 - Raised $592 for Back-to-School Program

2012 - Raised $1,004 for Thanksgiving Baskets

2011 - Raised $938 for Back-to-School Program

Children of all ages are encouraged to slip off their shoes and start bouncing!  The bounce house can be found on Park Ave near 4th Street.

It's open Fri from 5-8PM, Sat & Sun from 1PM-7PM.

Please Read Our Important Message About the 2020 Festival!

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