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Festival Rules

To ensure the safety & comfort of everyone that attends the Cherry Blossom Festival, the Jaycees and Police Officers will enforce the following rules within the the Festival Layout:


No Animals

Aside from actual service animals, guests are prohibited from bringing animals to the festival. This is to limit the risk of animal fights & humans being bitten.  The Jaycees may provide a 4H Petting Zoo in a specific contained area. All approved 4H animals must stay within approved area & leave the Festival at the scheduled end time. Pony rides may also be available at a specific time & place.


No Solicitation

No handing out free literature or attempting to sell items outside your approved vendor location. All vendors must be approved in advance, complete an application, & pay fee if required.


No Advertising Without Approval

Every vendor has paid to be apart of the Festival. Without the Jaycees approval no one is permitted to advertise their company within Festival grounds.


Shirts And Pants Required

This is a family friendly festival, and we ask that guets please dress appropriately.


No Smoking

The Festival is held outdoor, but please respect the those around you. Walk to the edge of the Festival or away from high traffic areas to prevent  accidental burns to children.


No Bikes/Skateboards/Scooters

The Festival grounds do not offer enough room for bikers. Please lock your bike in one of the new downtown area bike racks.


Please Read Our Important Message About the 2020 Festival!

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